Our industry accreditation

Earlier in the year we were very proud to be awarded the 3 Gold Kite Quality Assurance rating from the Institute of Children’s Activity Providers – which is the highest rating!

The rating was awarded on the submission of evidence centred around compliance, policies, programme offering and marketing.

Although there is no formal regulatory body (like OFSTED) to over see children’s clubs under a two hour duration. There are a number of organisations, including ICAP, that champion working towards a set of high standards. These include safeguarding, health and safety and first aid. All of which Brilliant Bricks comply with. 

By achieving the quality insurance customers and potential franchisees can be assured the Brilliant Bricks has everything in place to deliver safe, compliant, exciting and BRILLIANT services.

If you are currently a children’s club provider check out the Institute of Children’s Activity Providers to learn more about their accreditation rating.

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