Weekend Clubs

We can accommodate up to 20 children in weekend clubs.

For virtual club there is a maximum of 15 in order for everyone to build, share and showcase together.

No, all we ask is that the child is left with a Brilliant Bricks club member, signed in and you ensure we have an emergency contact number. When collecting at the end of the session don’t forget to leave enough time to see your child’s awesome creations!

We photograph creations (and encourage parents to) extensively but then creations are broken down, free to be built another day!

Yes we are very dedicated to making Brilliant Bricks clubs an inclusive and safe space for neurodiverse children.

You can read our Diversity and Inclusivity Policy here



It depends when in the year it is, if it is in Summer with the majority of guests already 5 years old then yes. However if it is earlier in Autumn or the beginning of the year, lots of their friends will still only be 4 and therefore a little too young to attend.

I will provide a big tray of DUPLO® bricks for them to play with so they can feel part of the party. For insurance purposes children under 4 cannot play with the LEGO.

You can opt for the package to include party bags.

Each party bag will contain a minifigure blind bag, LEGO® set poly bag, or brick keyring (depending on availability) a packet of sweets and a Brilliant Bricks certificate in a bright coloured paper bag. The cost is £5.50 each.


We come and set up about 20/30 minutes before the party start time, help put out tables and set up the boxes of bricks. Once guests start arriving we will aim to start as close to the party start time as possible to ensure maximum building time. We start with the themed story and set the first challenge. Then throughout the building we chat, interact, encourage, help and laugh with the party goers. After all the challenges and building when the 90 minutes is nearly up we get the children to bring their creations together for a big birthday photograph.

After that they will be transferred to the party lunch/tea tables. At which point, when they’re distracted by party food, we tidy away all the creations and boxes and head off.

As you can imagine, snacks and LEGO® bricks don’t really mix and its not fun to clean crumbs and greasy bits from the boxes! So we don’t have food during the building bit of the party.

Please just ask and we will see if we can incorporate their favourite thing as part of the theme