Schools Workshops

Brilliant Bricks offer a couple of different options for primary school curriculum based workshops, both are stimulating, fun and inventive.

Motion Workshops

are for primary aged children using the LEGO® BricQ Motion Essential sets. Pupils will experiment with forces, motion and interactions in the context of sport and games. It’s a fun, accessible and interactive session which allows students to set LEGO® bricks and pieces in motion without the use of technology. Working in pairs or threes they will have access to gears, wheels, weights and pneumatics and will be able to discover physical science in action. These sessions follow a specific lesson plan and the pupils will work from instructions.

Imagination Workshops

can be based on any topic the class is working on. For example castles, stone age, Romans, a specific story, your local area or the environment. These sessions are all imaginative based, with no instructions. Pupils are encouraged to explore creative building based on set challenges.


Pricing is based on the workshop, the required duration and the number of children participating. 

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