Water play with LEGO® bricks

As the old saying goes…put crabby children in water!

Here are a few play ideas that you can do with your current LEGO® collection. They can be done in the bath, or tubs of water or in a paddling pool.

They are great, fun experiments to try.

Build towers (or anything) and see if they topple being squirted by water pistols.

  • Make the towers tall and small, does it make a difference?
  • Are they easier to topple if you’re closer or further away from them?
  • How much force is needed? a little or a lot?


Put bricks, minifigures and water into a small tub and freeze and when frozen tip out and put on a tray or on the grass

  • Help the minifigures escape by dripping warm water on the ice – you can use a pipette or a spoon.
  • Does the heat of the water matter?
  • Build a pickaxe to execavate the bricks – how can you make it stronger if it breaks apart?


Build a water slide or water park for your favourite minifigures

  • How can you make square bricks into a slide? Use slopes? Flat plates? 
  • Does the water slide work better when you add water (try water pistols!)
  • What features will the water park have? Swim up bar? DJ? Giant water cannons?


Build a boat and float it

  • Which work better – thin boats or wider boats?
  • Does it matter if they are heavier or lighter?
  • What ballast can be added for stability?


Some great options and questions for STEM imaginative water play.

Of course please do follow all of the recommended advice in hot weather.

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