How to spark creative building

Did you know there are 915,103,765 ways to combine a standard 2×4 LEGO® brick? Over 900 million ways!  Amazing isn’t it!

Brilliant Bricks is all about inspiring imaginative building and play.

There are lots of ways to engage with Brilliant Bricks – through clubs, parties and workshops. However you can take the principles of our sessions and implement them at home with your children’s brick collection.

Encourage your children to set aside the instructions in favour of some brilliant building from their brain.

Imaginative building needs a story to start. Perhaps a favourite minifigure is travelling to a different solar system in a distant galaxy. Ask your child how they will travel there? What features will their space craft have? What will they snack on during the long, possibly light years, journey?!


Or perhaps they’re travelling to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to discover new types of marine life, what will they discover in the vast depths?

Their amazing builds are only made better by the detailed explanation of what the bricks and pieces represent.

So it is always a good idea to take some time and let them explain and ask the probing questions of why the is laser is there or where does the contents of the space toilet go??!!!

By sparking a build idea their imagination will be set in motion to build something amazing 🤩

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