LEGO Storage Tips

LEGO storage tips 🤩

Do you dread the sound of the box of bricks being tipped out 😩

It doesn’t have to be that way!

🟦 Put favourite minifigures, small, special and useful bits in sectioned containers (Wilko ones are great)

🟥 Are there sets on display that are just gathering dust and are never touched? Keep them altogether and store in large study sandwich bags (Ikea are the best ones). Then they can be built again another time. This is great for seasonal sets.

🟧 Don’t use deep boxes for bricks, use shallow and stackable ones. Ones you can see the bottom of easily when the bricks are moved around. Don’t overfill them. Leave room for searching (we recommend reallyusefulproducts 6L boxes)

🟩 When you have separate boxes, if time or space is short it is easy to pull out one or two boxes at one time, plus with a box of favourite pieces and minifigures you’ll have everything you need to do some brilliant building!

🟨 In the past we have tried sorting and storing by theme, piece/brick and colour. In our experience unless you’re very dedicated it never stays like that! Embrace the mixed up bricks and pieces!


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