Legoland Windsor Tips & Tricks

Whether you love it or hate it, your LEGO loving kids will probably be keen to visit Legoland Windsor. We have had annual passes since my son was 4 and he is now 13 and just renewed for the season. Suffice to say we have been a fair few times!

So here are my top tips for a less stress more fun visit…

🟧 Don’t miss the shows on at the lake (the pirate show is particularly fun) – it is a great time to sit and have lunch if you have brought your own.

🟧 Speaking of lunch, I would recommend bringing your own snacks and food. There are some food places, the usual offering of pizza, burger, fish and chips but the snack options are limited and expensive. We like the two places in the Duplo Valley area opposite Theatre. Farmer Joes (we are veggie and the mozzarella sticks are good) and also the sandwich shop where you can get a panini. 

🟧 If you get a kids meal you can ask for a pop badge – sometimes they have them, sometimes not but worth an ask!

🟧 The newly opened Wizard’s Frozen Wonders in the castle where the Dragon ride is located is fun. Quite pricey but their donut/icecream concoction comes with 2 donuts and a choice of 4 toppings for £7.50 so more can enough to share.

🟧 If you are celebrating a birthday go to Guest Services when you arrive and they will put the birthday name and age on the digital boards around the park. You could also get a birthday badge if they are in stock.

🟧 If you have smaller ones the Duplo Valley Theatre puppet shows are great fun and under shelter if its raining/too sunny!

🟧 The splash park is great fun and worth having a towel and swimming trunks/costume with you if you are going on a sunny day, although it can get really busy.

🟧 If you have a gold annual pass you get 20% off restaurants and 10% off the shops

🟧 Speaking of Legoland annual passes – if you are planning to visit more than a couple of times during the year it is really good value for money to get an annual pass. The gold pass includes the food and shop discounts plus free parking. We get one gold pass, for me and I get silver passes for the children, which are £30 cheaper each. There are some date restrictions on the silver pass, but not many and it works for us.

🟧 There is currently a sale on passes so gold passes are £99 and silver are £69.

🟧 You can fill up water bottles at the fountains opposite the Duplo Valley theatre and there is are factor 50 sun screen dispensers dotted around the park near the bathrooms.

🟧 Queue times are certainly a bugbear – think about the size of the ride before joining a queue. Something like Mythica (best ride in the park!), Monster Party and Spinning Spider can fit on loads of people at at time so the queues go much quicker than rides that can only fit on a few people at a time (like Destiny’s Bounty for example)

🟧 If you are visiting when it is colder and the weather isn’t so great, chuck in some waterproof trousers to wear on the Pirate Falls log ride, not many people want to go on it when it is cold and if you have on waterproofs you will stay dry and warm!

🟧 The shop at the end gets very busy at the end of the day and you may have to queue.

🟧 There are a couple of free build areas for some down time and building fun. The Brick in Miniland, which is air conditioned and a good for a rest. Also the Rebuild the World section, which is next to the shop down the hill towards the Viking Kingdom, lots of LEGO for free building and upstairs you can read about the history of the park and peek into the Model Maker Studio.

🟧 There is a sensory space opposite the Legoland Express Train – a calming place specially for neurodiverse people.

🟧 There is a new Build a Race Car area which will be opening soon, where the Technic Dinosaur and LEGO Reef used to be – looks exciting!

🟧 They are also building an Adventure Golf area which will be outside the main park, so likely will have to book separate tickets, booking on the website is from July.

🟧 Bigger plans are afoot too, they are building a Legoland Village, similar to the one in Billund, where there will be cabins and camping available.

🟧 The Legoland and Castle hotels are amazing but incredibly expensive to stay in. It is worth looking at off peak times if you really want to stay in the hotels, times when the parks shut but the hotels are open, like February and October/November.

We hope this advice helps, but the best advice is accept it might be crackers busy and just enjoy it anyway! 

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